As the impact of the coronavirus grows, we would like to provide some important updates and to assure you that you are our top priority. During the public health emergency, we have made proactive outreach attempts and updated our online directories with the information received. However many providers did not respond and we have provided the results of our best efforts. If you need dental, eye care or hearing services and cannot locate a provider, please call us and we will assist you in finding a provider that is seeing patients during this public health emergency. Click here to learn more.
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Advance Directives - UTAH

You have a right to make decisions about your dental care. An advance directive is a form you can fill out to protect your rights. You have a right to accept or refuse treatment. You also have the right to plan and direct the types of health care you may receive in the future.

Advance directives are documents that allow you to make your wishes about end-of-life care known ahead of time including who you want to make healthcare decisions for you should you ever become unable to speak for yourself. They provide a way for you to communicate your wishes to family friends and health care professionals.

For more information about Advance Directives, see the Utah Commission on Aging website at

Premier Access and its participating providers are required to comply with state law and cannot refuse care or otherwise discriminate against you based on whether or not you have executed an advance directive.