As the impact of the coronavirus grows, we would like to provide some important updates and to assure you that you are our top priority. During the public health emergency, we have made proactive outreach attempts and updated our online directories with the information received. However many providers did not respond and we have provided the results of our best efforts. If you need dental, eye care or hearing services and cannot locate a provider, please call us and we will assist you in finding a provider that is seeing patients during this public health emergency. Click here to learn more.
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About Us

Your senses are essential, and we’re in the business of protecting them. Since 1978, we’ve provided vision, dental, and hearing health coverage to millions of Americans. And now, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, we can do that with an even greater focus and commitment than ever before.

Our members are teachers and firefighters, accountants and bus drivers. Our clients are small and large businesses, school systems, and municipalities. We serve commercial and government health plan sponsors, unions, and TPAs. We’re here for you, too.

We’re all concerned about the spiraling costs of healthcare. But our programs are designed to reduce sponsor and member costs by delivering a custom program tailored to meet their needs. And our core values—accountability, empowerment, excellence, and integrity—help us to deliver high member and client satisfaction. Our retention rate is proof that we’ve achieved our goal.

Avēsis began in 1978 as a family-run business vested in protecting the vision, dental, and hearing health of Americans. And for nearly 40 years, that’s just what we’ve done.

Decades of experience as a national administrator of these essential healthcare programs have given us the unique experience and expertise to match exceptional products and providers—ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, audiologists, and dentists—with the people who need them.

In January 2016, Avēsis joined the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a Fortune 250 global financial services company committed to providing individuals and businesses the financial guidance and protection they need. As one of the largest mutual life insurers for over 150 years, and a leading provider of employee benefits, Guardian brings the resources Avēsis can use to grow and expand our services across the country.

As a Guardian company, Avēsis now offers even greater flexibility, a more robust network of vision and dental care providers, and the most cost-effective benefit programs possible, especially as healthcare costs continue to soar.


10400 N 25th Ave
Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85021
(800) 522-0258

Executive Office

10324 S. Dolfield Rd.
Owings Mills, MD 21117
(800) 643-1132

Regional Sales Offices

Georgia Regional Sales Office (800) 522-4925

Georgia Operations Office (800) 522-0258

Illinois Office (410) 581-8700

Iowa Regional Sales Office (515) 244-6282

Massachusetts Regional Sales Office (888) 363-4824

Minnesota Regional Sales Office (888) 363-1377

Texas Regional Sales Office (866) 884-4986

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Avēsis Incorporated and Avēsis Third Party Administrators, Inc. administer the programs for its underwriting partners and do not directly market or sell their insurance products through this website.